Virtual Volunteering: Five Easy Ways

Giving back from afar is easier than you think

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted each of our lifestyles in such a universal and profound way.

We’ve had to make personal sacrifices as well as learn how to work from home, entertain ourselves, and adapt to living in close quarters with our family members. We’ve also been given an amplified opportunity to help others in ways large and small. Not only has this unprecedented time brought with it more opportunities to serve others, but it illustrates the power and long lasting personal benefits of helping others. The rewards are immense.

Here are just a few of the opportunities that you can support without leaving home.

  1. Be A Language Translator

Now is the perfect time to put your bilingual skills to work. Organizations like Translators without Borders use volunteers to translate medical texts and crisis responses, which are in demand now more than ever. They also depend on volunteers for assist with project management, graphic or web design, and fundraising roles. 

2. Teach

Are you an educator or professional tutor who is out of work due to social distancing? Why not help a student who is struggling with their school work and bring much-needed help via a virtual platform?  Teachers are in demand to help students of all ages with the full spectrum of course work — from math and science to English and reading.

3. Give Social Media Support to a Non Profit

Social media is the new life blood communication vehicle for all businesses, which is especially invaluable for nonprofit organizations that may not have the manpower or budget to maintain its website, blog or social media pages. 

Now more than ever may be the perfect opportunity to offer your expertise to help organizations broadcast their messages of help and support and connect people in need of their invaluable services.

4. Volunteer As Crisis Counselor

The Crisis Text Line relies on volunteers to help respond to texts from people through active listening, collaborative problem solving, and safety planning, which is more in demand than ever. If you have experience in crisis counseling, consider offering your services to help make a significant impact on people’s mental health especially as so many are struggling with anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns stemming from the uncertainty.  Now more than ever your help is needed.  

5. Check on Your Neighbors

Virtual volunteer opportunities aren’t limited to the ideas above. “Sometimes a simple phone call to check on a neighbor can make all the difference in the world,” suggests Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Bobby Genovese who built his namesake company, BG Capital Group, on the tenets of helping others. “Sometimes the smallest, most natural act of picking up the telephone to say hello has more impact than anything else.”

Simply put, in a time of crisis when the world around you may seem bleak, you can boost your own well-being and the well-being of others by lending a helping hand. And simple, easy to access virtual volunteer opportunities are everywhere.

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