The “WalkCar” – That says it all…

WalkCar – personal transportation device

Modern forms of transport come in all shapes and sizes.  Motorised or self propelling, they help us get around our day-to-day business with more speed and less expenditure of energy.  Small cars, fold-away bikes…and now…the WalkCar!

The “WalkCar” is a tidy little skateboard/Segway hybrid that fits into your rucksack and can carry up to 120kg at 10km/h for up to 12km. It weighs 2-3kg and takes 3 hours to recharge.

Dubbed as “a new personal transportation device for people that are too embarrassed to ride a Segway” it will cost about 750 Euros and will be available from Kickstarter in the spring of 2016.

Personally, I wouldn’t try to get a Segway in my rucksack! 😉




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