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The Most Super of Supplements: Fermented Cod Liver Oil. by Dr. J.Bentz

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The health benefits of fish oils have been well documented in recent years, but there is one product that stands out above all others that is not so well known: fermented cod liver oil (FCLO).

Generally, producers of fish oils use a process of distillation to remove toxins such as mercury and PCBs, which are now commonly found in fish. This can destroy several key nutrients such as Vitamin A&D and CoQ10 amongst others. Sometimes these are replaced with synthetic analogs of the original natural nutrient.  The problem is that these synthetic substitutes don’t come close to the nutrient in its naturally occurring form.

Many cultures around the world ferment cod liver oil and consider it a “sacred food”.  Cod livers would be placed in a container, covered and let stand.  Over time the cellular debris (and toxins) would sink to the bottom of the container and a pure, clear oil would rise to the top, which could be skimmed off and stored. The oil that is produced has been extensively tested and found to be toxin free.

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Omega 3 fatty acids in cod liver oil have several health benefits:  They can act as powerful anti-inflammatory substances, lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol).  They are very beneficial to the heart, providing protection against plaque, hardening of the arteries and vascular inflammation.  They protect the brain and nervous system from degeneration.  They support proper immune function.

With fermented cod liver oil, this is just the beginning.  Because there is no heat involved in fermentation, the significant levels of naturally occurring Vitamin A&D remain intact.  Vitamin D has been found to be crucial for the function of at least 36 different organs and tissues and has a regulatory effect on 2,000 of our 3,000 genes. It has been clinically shown to have a protective effect against several different types of cancer, including bowel and breast cancer.  It helps regulate blood sugar and is thought to help prevent Type II diabetes.  Low levels of Vitamin D have been correlated with Parkinson’s and dementia.  It supports healthy immune response and muscle strength.  The list goes on and on.

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Vitamin A has several important metabolic functions including: vision, antioxidant activity, gene transcription, reproduction, embryonic development, skin and cellular health, immune function, red blood cell production and bone health.

Given just the functions of these important nutrients, wouldn’t you want the naturally occurring forms with all the different isomers over the synthetic versions?

There’s much more to FCLO.  It is also a rich source of quinones, which are a class of organic compounds which have anti-tumor properties, heart protective properties, energy production, bone formation, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory functions.  The best known of the quinones is CoQ-10.

FCLO also has several other fatty acids besides the Omega 3’s.  Lauric acid increases HDL levels.  Butyric acid aids energy production, inhibits colon cancer cells and increases life span.  Myristic acid has anti-tumor factors, anti-microbial factors and tissue protective properties.

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FCLO also has Vitamin K2.  When combined with high vitamin butter oil, the potency of K2 is significantly enhanced. It has been found that the K vitamins are the key that unlocks the door from your bloodstream to allow calcium to get into your bones.  It acts synergistically with vitamin D in keeping bones healthy and is often the missing factor in osteoporosis.  It also protects and supports skin health, heart health, immune function, supports normal blood sugar levels, and protects against oxidative stress. This really is one of the most “super” of all nutritional supplements!

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