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Getting to Know the Artist: Singer, Songwriter, Actress Stephanie Lynn

At first glance actress and singer-songwriter, Stephanie Lynn, seems like another sweet girl-next-door, but after listening to her music, you see that she is so much more than meets the eye. An eclectic blend of folk-pop Americana, her songs are filled with raw stories and emotions that draw you into the world of this “Green Mountain Girl.” Stephanie grew up in an old farmhouse in Vermont, the “Green Mountain State,” and was raised with an appreciation for nature, healthy living, and smiling at people. Always politically minded and earth conscious, Stephanie aspires to effect positive change in the world through her art by tapping into and expressing the more complicated aspects of the human experience. Stephanie started her music career singing acapella at the University of Pennsylvania. her first song release was part of a campaign to raise money for Vermont Long Term Disaster Recovery following the devastation caused by hurricane Irene. Also an actress, she is seen on CBS’s “how I Met Your Mother” and NBC’s “Castle.” Stephanie can also be found singing and running across the country in the national Nike ad campaign “I would run to you”


Which instruments do you play?

I play guitar, a bit of piano, and am learning the mandolin. I grew up playing the flute, but haven’t picked it up in a while – kind of hard to sing and play flute at the same time!

When and why did you start playing and when did you begin writing your own lyrics?

I have been singing and writing songs for as long as I can remember. I used to sing ideas into a tape recorder when I was six years old. I started learning the guitar and really threw myself into my song writing when I was living in New York City after I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. I was trying to decide whether to go to law school or to be true to myself and follow a career as an artist. I spent a lot of time walking around the city feeling lost and found solace by escaping to write songs on my rooftop. I currently write or co-write all of my songs.

What led you to dedicate your first song release to aid in a campaign to raise money for Vermont Long Term Disaster Recovery?

Growing up in Vermont shaped who I am in so many pivotal ways, and it will always be my favorite place on earth. I had been working on my first EP at the time when Vermont was hit by tropical storm Irene, which devastated my tiny state. I wanted to do something to help and so, I wrote a song and made a video with hopes that it would create awareness about the disaster and encourage people to give their support. It was amazing to me that so few people outside of Vermont knew how badly VT had been hit and how extreme the damage. I’m happy that I could contribute to the rebuilding in some small way, and I was also so grateful to find out that some of my fans gave large donations to Vermont Long Term Disaster Recovery.

In addition to your newest EP “Three Words” released worldwide last January, can you share any other up and coming projects?

I just released a new single, a duet with country singer, Rich O’Toole, called “Talk About The Weather”. It went to radio last month and was just released on itunes on April 7th I am very excited about another upcoming release and am finishing up a music video for that single right now. I am also continually working on my own songs and will have some new releases coming up later this fall and throughout 2015.

Do you have a particular song of yours that you are most proud of or that has special meaning for you?

That is a tough one! Every song has special meaning for me, because they are all written from my heart about my life and experiences. Depending on what’s going on in the current moment in my life, I am more connected to different songs at different times. Singing is how I express the things I don’t know how to speak.



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