RAMI KADI – And Spring Blossomed into a Woman

Rami Kadi – fashion designer

Celebrity stylist and luxury shoe designer Nadia Lakkioiu (founder of @fashionandbeautyaffair Fashion Agency) attended the SS 2016 Paris Couture Fashion Week and was invited to view the oh-so-delightfully-spring collection from world-renowned Lebanese-American designer Rami Kadi, within the opulent setting of the Peninsula Hotel in Paris. She brings BGLife an exclusive look at his fabulous evening-wear and delectable bridal gowns.

Rami Kadi is a contemporary Couturier, with a passion for modern tailoring. He trained at the prestigious ESMOD International, Paris and has earned the recognition and trust of the most demanding clients, putting him at the forefront of fashion designers of his generation.

Rami has become a veritable celebrities’ sweetheart…dressing divas such as burlesque artist Dita Von Teese, Arab stars such as Myriam Fares, Ahlam & Maya Diab, Taiwanese model and actress Lin Chi-ling, Bollywood celebrities such as Amy Jackson, Malaika Arora and Divya Khosla Kumar, as well as socialites such as Candela Novembre and Jamie Chua.

Rami with full collection

As the season begins to bud energetically into spring, the intrepid Rami Kadi invoked one of the most beautiful blossoming allegories, drawing his inspiration from the sources of the sacred and the profane: “La Primavera by Botticelli”.

Rami’s new collection is inspired by the long flowing, diaphanous dresses draping the nymphs and the graces in this masterpiece, icon of the sumptuous growth of spring and the fertility of nature. The designer masterfully captures and interprets the power of transformation. A fine Chantilly lace adorns his sheer, dreamy dresses, embellished with white pearls and imagined for a pristine world ready to be filled with the delicate essence of spring…. and the splendour of the romance of newlyweds. 

With a glowing translucence, Rami Kadi’s creations are designed for maidens of modern mythology. Elegantly, they sweep away the darkest hours of winter with their almost weightless capes, trains and feathered trims. The patterns pay tribute to Cupid’s whimsical romancing. Zephyr, the first wind of spring, attracts brilliantly coloured iridescent birds that land delicately on Rami’s fitted or ample dresses, each one hand embroidered with silk thread lace. They create a delightful sense of musical enchantment.

As Rami’s interpretation sets them fluttering, brought alive in his exquisite embroidery, he allows them to lose a few twirling white feathers and disperse golden leaves and branches into the wind and he even suggests the remains of their nesting, within the raffia filaments.   Remarkably portrayed by the designer, Zephyr’s soft, gentle breeze lends the collection a breathtaking lightness. Whether it magnifies dresses or ruffles hair, his collection breathes freedom, bearing the whispers of a beautiful season. In a final outfit, Rami Kadi’s spring awakens in a dreamlike realm, underneath a mystical rainbow.

Composed of thousands of innovatively crafted sequins, it is the ultimate transition from dream to reality, unfolding gently down a white dress, waiting to be worn by a youthful, innocent creature. For Rami, there is no doubt: spring blossomed into a woman, a budding portent of hope and beauty.

To see more from Rami, please go to www.rami-kadi.com

Photography courtesy of:  @thebabyfrench

rami kadi collection



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