You know you want one: Paper planes…Modernised.

Power up 3 – Mobile controlled paper plane

Every since we were kids (the boys in particular), we have been fascinated with flight.  That force or energy that can lift hundreds of people high into the air and carry them over great distance.  The joy of creating your own paper plane and watching it soar over the balcony into the streets below or across a room and land gracefully (although a graceful landing was lucky) on the couch.

Now that joy has been upgraded.  Thanks to Power Up 3.0 we can reach new heights of fun with this nifty little gadget.

Power Up 3.0 transforms your paper planes into smartphone-controlled flying machines. WHAT A JOY!  This retro revamp has a super-durable, motion controlled propeller/rudder and 60 minutes flying time.  That should keep you amused for a while 🙂

Power up 3 - Mobile controlled paper plane

Power up 3 - Mobile controlled paper plane

Head on over to and grab your slice of childhood fun from 43.00 Euros



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