Music Releases – May 2016



Each and every month our very one Sema Garay brings you a little rundown on new and classic usic releases

Strictly Roger Sanchez

Strictly Roger Sanchez celebrates one of the most pioneering and prolific house music producers of all time with this compilation of 30 classic tunes plus 1 continuos mix of 60’ to enjoy the music from this house legend.

563526_largeDefinition of Sound is the last LP from the Italian producer Riva Starr. Cajual Records has launched this work with a total of eleven  high quality tracks focused on the dance floor of diverse genres including tech-house, deep house and house.

Spen and ThommyQuantize Recordings presents a collection of disco influenced tunes mixed and compiled from Baltimore Legends Thommy Davis and DJ Spen. Featuring the talents of Alicia Myers, Ann Nesby, Louis Vega, Todd Terry, Sheila Ford, Tracy Hamlin, John Morales, Gary Hudgins, Ian Friday, Sterling Ensemble, The MuthaFunkaz, The Fanatix, Ziggy Funk, & Kelli Sae, every track included in this compilation perfectly reflects Spen & Thommy’s version of what dance music is!

Oscar Lemans - Los Bandidos

Los Bandidos (Original Mix)” is a Really Special Tech House track with an interesting way to create new music and style, Alberto Segador Remix has a classic style of old school tones, typical of this Artist… Both tracks are coming from the heart… Let’s break the dance floor!!! LABEL: IGUA VACARÁ





Cajmere Featuring Derrick Carter – Dreaming EPCajmere Featuring Derrick Carter – Dreaming EP

“The dreaming E.P”, was one of the first releases of the veteran label Cajual Records. This vinyl, from 1992, contains a gem called “Dream States”. It was produced by two big names of the Chicago House scene; the owner of the label, Cajmere and Derrick Carter. A short and overwhelming bass line dominates the track, supported by great background vocals, a touch of garage on the drums, and a very intelligent sequence. These are some of the reasons that made it an absolute classic underground deep house song.

Label: Cajual Records – CAJ 203 | Format: Vinyl, 12”, 33 1/3 RPM  | Country: US | Released: 1992 | Genre: Electronic | Style: House, Deep House

Tracklist A1 – Dream States | A2 – Dream States Dub | B1 – Wet Dream | B2 – Last Cup Of Coffee

Isolée – Beau Mot Plage (Remix)

Isolee – Beau Mot Plage (Original Mix)

…is a great track, but which one I want to talk about here is its outstanding “Freeform Five Reform Parts 1&2) Remix”. The combination of elements from the original song, such us the bass line, the drums, the synhts, or some guitar riffs, keeping those in a similar way, merged with a symphony of new sounds added, including a female chorus, a plus in latin drums, piano chords, beach ambient sounds, and distinctive and awesome flute solos. As well it’s remarkable that, in despite the song has a duration of over 10 minutes, the perfect arrangements and its brilliantly thought sequence, with breakdowns in the correct moments, make us enjoy it completely and the time passes quickly.

Label: Playhouse – 36 | Format: Vinyl, 12”, 33 1/3 RPM | Country: Germany | Released: 1999 | Genre: Electronic | Style: House, Deep House.

Tracklist A1 – Beau Mot Plage (Freeform Reform Parts 1&2) | B1 – Beau Mot Plage



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