MUGURUZA – Setting the Nation’s Dreams Alight.


For anyone who witnessed that magical moment in the Philippe Chatrier complex in Paris on the 4th of June, when time seemed to almost stand still as the outcome of that final magical return shot remained unclear; it was a painfully drawn out mystery, unfolding above a unanimous sharp in-breath from the entire crowd, as it sailed seemingly forever heavenward.

Garbiñe Muguruza, now the No.2 seed in the world, actually thought she had lost that very last shot and so did Serena Williams…who stepped away from the landing point, believing it would fall out. Garbiñe actually turned away, grimacing against her perceived mistake. When the truth became clear, that priceless expression of complete disbelief and then humble yet overpowering gratitude, now etched in history forever, became the image that Spain is now holding close to their hearts, as Garbiñe takes the spirit of the nation closer to taking a world champion title…for the first time in 18 years.

TennisGarbiñe Muguruza, 34 years old, born to a Venezuelan Mother and Spanish father, chose to represent Spain just two years ago in the ITF and WTA and beat champion Serena Williams 7-5, 6-4 on that last shot, with a margin of a couple of millimeters; demonstrating her incredible skill and control under the most intense of pressure. Her collapse to the ground on the court revealed just how much this means to her.  Her graciousness with Serena at the net, demonstrated her humble yet mature character. The radiance in her eyes as she held up the Suzanne Lenglen Cup to the crowd in Place de la Concorde, demonstrated without doubt, that she means to do everything to reach the pinnacle of success in her game.

The stars are shining down on this incredible 34 year old.  From a relatively unknown name, ranked 64th in the WTA just three years ago, this powerfully built, tall, beautiful, incredibly skilled and absolutely determined tennis player has steamed up the rankings; rising to 3rd in the Singles and making the finals at the Wimbledon Championships in 2015 as well as achieving a ranking of 10th in the doubles and a bronze medal in the Royal Order of Sporting Merit the same year.

With a total of 6,766 points, Muguruza is hot on the trail of current World title holder Serena Williams, who has 8,330 points, but who still has not surpassed Steffi Graf’s world record of 22 Grand Slams. All eyes are on this hot talent’s break for a historic new title…and the general belief is that it is just a matter of time until she succeeds.


She will further her singles challenge as well as doubling up with Rafa Nadal on a faster, hard-clay court at the Olympic Games in Rio. Her French coach Sam Sumyk believes that she has everything to reach the top and that all he needs to do is “keep her smiling.” With the whole nation smiling behind her, this young lady is sure to be Tennis’s next great world champion and BGLife wishes her the greatest of success.

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