Make Luv not war – DJ Keef Luv

DJ Keef Luv

Keef’s Luv of music began in his childhood. He recalls at the age of 5 feeling an emotional connection with music in general, from classical music to pop and surprisingly Heavy Metal. At the start of his vocation he wrote, produced and belonged to a touring band.  Furthering his career and being identified as having a true musical talent and gift he went on to produce for television, film and radio. Today, Keef with his own record label, Chill Zone Recordings, has been recognised globally within the music industry. With a diverse taste in music he began his journey of fluid love of song and rhythm, a vigour which he has nurtured, grown within and is continuously evolving and expanding as music itself is becoming more and more demanding. Wanting to share a love of music and create a vision within his listeners minds and hypnotise them in music, he pursued a personal style founded by a passion, devotion and to some degree a love affair. Finding harmony and peace in music and balancing life’s emotional roller coaster he forged a connection with euphoric deep vocal house and today he has created a personal mix of bespoke sounds.

Currently a resident DJ for BeachGrooves Radio, you can catch his show 2 Hours of Luv and he plays at the new Sunday Sunset Sessions at the stylish Puerto Deportivo in Marbella, and once again returning this summer to the famous Cafe Del Mar Club in the Bohemian capital Tarifa. Keith with his reputable DJing vibes has also played at the stylish and exclusive resort of Nikki Beach in Marbella TIBU, Oh Yoko, Mama Club, Bora Bora along with private boat and villa parties for the rich & famous clearly living up to his reputation as a professional DJ with a vast knowledge of the music scene.

He is proud and feels privileged to be part of the new up – and – coming trend setting Deep House Radio Station, BeachGrooves. There is a true sense of honour, appreciation and appetite with a clear excitement for the future, especially as Marbella has been lacking a real Deep House presence. You can see the excitement in his eyes and feel his passion overflowing with deep energy and Luv. An undoubtable marriage of musical talent and melodic rhythm, sexy & sensual with a twist of Hedonistic House… I am already lost deep in his music…



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