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Model, actress, photographer and image stylist CASSANDRA MCCLURE, welcomed BGLife to her salon in Seattle for an exclusive interview and some insider tips on building one’s image and current trends in beauty. Cassandra trained under Master Makeup Artist and Photographer Margaret Kimura, achieved her Masters in High Definition Makeup for film and print and then studied under top Makeup Artist instructor and Director for the Professional French cosmetic line Make Up For Ever -Donna Mee. She now offers her services globally.

As an experienced image stylist, what is the one of the most common makeup mistakes you see? 

Most women use black eyeliner, but most don’t realize it makes small eyes look even smaller. A lot of women don’t understand the concept or technique of color- correction; most women wouldn’t touch green-based makeup, but it’s an essential ingredient for correcting redness. I often see people wearing pink-based foundation when they have a yellow undertone. Using a mirror without good lighting is the main culprit for getting colours wrong.

For many of our readers, keeping makeup in place and looking fresh during the hot and humid summers is a challenge…any good tips?

You have to take all the important and essential steps… so you don’t end up doing constant touchups. Oily skin can add to the problem, so you have to use quality primers and use waterproof, sweat proof and HD products, including your eyeliner and mascara. Setting spray is also essential for a long lasting look in the heat!

Colour Pop Ultra Matte - Lipstick colour 2016What do you think the top lip color for the spring/summer season will be?

Right now Kellie Jenner’s new matte lip colors are very popular and I think natural is always going to be around. Nude is so “in” right now, and everyone wants that naturally big-lipped look.  The new Colour Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick is one of my favorites. They last forever, and they don’t dry your lips. Your hair won’t stick to your lips either, which is a big bonus!

Is there a right & wrong way to contour?  What type of contour & highlight would you recommend for the general public? 

Choose a highlight color that’s two shades lighter than your skin tone and contour color that matches the darkest areas on your body- your chest or maybe a little darker and then it’s all about blending.

It’s interesting to remember that contouring was created for drag queens to look more feminine! You have to consider whether you actually need it or not. If you contour a small nose, that will take away from the eyes for example. If you already have the most amazing cheekbones, are you going to make them stick out even more?! If you don’t need it, don’t use it. The whole point is just to accentuate your best features.  Take it back to the basics.

Going away from the “basics.” Puerto Banus, Marbella and Ibiza are famous for glitz and there, there truly is no such thing as too much! What would you recommend for the trendiest party look?Gold Leaf makeup

The gold, silver, and copper leaf is really fun, but I’m also noticing the glitter hair and roots are becoming a little more popular. Pops of color like yellow eyeliner will make an impression, especially for spring and summer.  You want a double take when you’re playing with makeup…nothing too much, just one detail that stands out, like colored mascara.

Swarovski crystals are really “in”.  Accentuating a beauty mark with a crystal is super unique and definitely an upcoming trend. Smoky eyes, shimmer on the lid, maybe some glitter, really defined lips, brows on point of course and lashes… the bigger the better, 100%. Natural, human hair lashes look amazing. You just need to practice your application skills! The thinnest line of glue is all you need. offers a great selection of false lashes- Do you recommend any other place for finding a good selection of creative lashes?

There are so many:  Red Cherry, Ardell, Huda, there are so many different brands now… House of Lashes is one of my favorites, as is MAC. A little tip: you can find them in bulk, cheaper on Amazon and Ebay.

Even professional makeup wear can take a toll on skin.  Do you have any product recommendations for skin care routines and facial treatments?

It’s essential not to skimp on skincare basics, because trying to replenish something that’s already damaged is difficult and can get expensive. You are never too young to start following a good skincare routine:  Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize… a facial every couple weeks is great. Have a good dermatologist give you an assessment before you invest in products.  You should invest in a quality day cream and night cream.  You want a foundation with a suitable SPF because even if it’s not sunny, there are rays that can damage your skin. The only exception is for photos and video because of certain ingredients in an SPF that can create a flashback.

Look for products that have peptides and enzymes. Using a gentle peel can work wonders, as does eating healthily.


Find more from Cassandra on her website, and follow her for updates on her upcoming street wear clothing line: “Daydreams.



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