Gadgets – This month’s must haves – July

Gadgets – July

X2  Sport  Underwater  Jetpack

The world’s first high performance wearable propulsion system for swimmers and snorkelers is redefining underwater freedom; allowing deeper and longer diving and dolphin like maneuverability. Simply point your arms to where you want to go and the thrust system takes you there at speeds of up to 6 mph.

Gadgets July x2 Sport

Comprises: Battery backpack and two thursters.
Weight: 2.2lbs (5kg) in the water
Top speed: 6mph (10km/h)
Battery: 24ah, lasting one hour
Price: €1238 pre-order on Indiegogo

MEMTEQ 8 Clip-on Mobile Phone Camera Lens

Up your photography game this summer without investing in an expensive camera! These handy clip on attachments fit most flat screen phones and include fisheye, wide angle, macro, telephoto and polarizing lenses.


€15 from Amazon

The Indoor S’Mores Maker

Gadgets July S'Mores

Don’t let the ban on barbeques dampen your summer with the S’Mores Maker the traditional campfire scene of roasting marshmallows can continue safely indoors or on your terrace.

€27.69 from Amazon

WAY Personal Skincare Companion

WAY gadgetsBy simply holding the beauty compact sized disk to your face, Way can check and then rate and display skin moisture, oiliness, pigment, wrinkles and pore congestion of the skin tissue and then give personalised beauty tips via a mobile app. It also monitors the current UV index and environmental factors.

€131.80 from

iPod Shuffle Swim Kit Lens

ipod-shuffle-swim-kit-july-gadgetsNow divers can take all their favourite songs, podcasts and audiobooks to a whole new level- 210 ft below the surface to be exact. The 2GB shuffle, waterproofed by Waterfi, offers 15 hours of battery life and comes with waterproof short-cord headphones.

€137.11 from Amazon

MistyMate 16020 Cool Patio 20

Sometimes, even just sitting in the summer heat can be hard work. Keep things cool with this easy to install Outdoor Misting Kit, which connects to your garden hose and operates off standard water pressure. The U.V. resistant hose provides 20 ft of misty bliss.

€66.14 from Amazon

Ari Armor Submergible Mobile Phone Cases

Gadgets July AriArmor

Sand, sun cream spills and spillages are no longer a problem at the beach with these affordable streamlined waterproof phone cases for all major phone brands, which will protect your mobile up to 20feet and are available in a range of funky colours.

€29.19 from

Gadgets July UE Roll waterproof speakerUE Roll 2 Waterproof floating speaker

Offering a range of up to 100ft, this 12oz disk shaped speaker can be used wirelessly or connected via a USB jack last for up to 9 hours, is waterproof and can float. It comes with an app for Android and iOS that allows users to tweak the EQ settings and pair up to 3 devices. A handy bungee loop makes it easy to hang.

€88.46 from

 The Ambi

Gadgets July The Ambi ELECTRONIC COOLERThis electronic ice cube uses Thermo Electric Current to provide an instant icy cold surface that is great for cooling down and relieving headaches, insect bites and injuries without melting and dripping everywhere.

€35.37 from Amazon

Gadgets July iSnapxDCI iSnapx

This wireless smartphone camera trigger from DCI allows you to take photos remotely and wirelessly from up to 10ft away and can switch between the front and rear view on your camera and it’s waaay more discreet than a selfie stick!



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