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July Book reviews

book reviews The middlepauseThe Middlepause: On Turning Fifty

Category:  Biography/Health

Autor: Marina Benjamin

In a society obsessed with living longer and looking younger, what does middle age nowadays mean in a world ceaselessly redefining ageing, youth, and experience? The Middlepause cuts through society’s clamorous demands and delivers an honest account of midlife’s challenges. Attending to ageing parents, the shock of bereavement, parenting a teenager and her own health woes, Benjamin emerges into a new definition of herself as daughter, mother, citizen and woman. Benjamin suggests there’s comfort and guidance in memory, milestones and margins and offers an inspired and expanded vision of how to be middle-aged happily and harmoniously. 

Price: €15.30 Amazon

book reviews july chaos monkeysChaos Monkeys:  Inside the Silicon Valley money machine

Category:  Business/Biography

Autor: Antonio Garcia Martinez

An adrenaline-fuelled exposé of life inside the tech bubble, Chaos Monkey  bares the secrets, power plays and lifestyle excesses of the visionaries, grunts, sociopaths, opportunists and money cowboys revolutionising our world. Laying out how and how not to make a fortune through startups and digital marketing, Martínez unravels the chaotic evolution of social media and online marketing. From Big Brother and data tracking to social media monetisation and digital ‘privacy’, he shares both his scathing observations and outrageous antics, taking us on a subversive tour of the fascinatingly insular and unbelievably wealthy tech industry.               

Price: €26.30 Harper Collins



Category:  DJs / Inteviews

Autor: Anthony Donner

Dutch DJs reveals the answers to all your questions about the profession of DJ/Producer. This coffee table book exposes how Dutch DJs move beyond their own limits and unravels their success factors and secrets for staying on top of their game. The book combines amazing photos and high-profile interviews of 200 influential Dutch DJs, covering four generations and over 40 different dance influences. All these photo shoots and in depth interviews took place at the DJs own studio or home, enabling this book to show a side of them that has never been shown before. Written in Dutch and English. Only 2500 books available!

Price: €59.95



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