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BGLife took some time to visit FEYDOM, International Design Studios dedicated to the manufacturing of Multifunctional Furniture and Living Room Concept and met 22 yr. old Head of Distribution, Hannah Osthus to discover more about the company’s innovative approach to design and production of their highly creative, not to mention award-winning living space furniture.

Hannah, tell us about the history and development of the company since 2005 and your role in the business.

FeydomIn 2005 the project FEYDOM was founded and initiated by two architects Filimena and Zoran who believed strongly in their designs. Following their years of design and research whilst living in Shanghai and Australia they decided to hold on to their designs for a little while longer and launched their own brand shortly after. Since then, FEYDOM has developed into a stable business structure consisting of Design & Product Development, our own Production Line as well as an organized Promotion and Distribution network worldwide. My role in the business as head of distribution for Spain and Portugal means I get to put FEYDOM into all of your beautiful homes!

FEYDOM has coined the phrase “toda cambia” (everything changes). Is this the concept behind the design; facilitating the evolution of the modern family and home?

Today’s society is all about keeping up with trends and remaining fancy whilst appearing to do it effortlessly. And of course, doing that requires constant change… so that’s where we come in. FEYDOM is all about simplicity and practicality. We like our final product to look amazing, last years, feel delightful whilst not leaving a dent in your bank accounts. We do all that whilst allowing you change around your sitting area swiftly and in seconds, keeping your guests blown away every time they visit whilst mainly, of course staying practical. FEYDOM sofas can be changed around to any needs… whether it’s space saving, space consuming, lounging, sitting or sleeping.

FEYDOM has won several European awards for Design and Innovation.  What is the key to your successes and how does this shape the vision for the future?

At FEYDOM we commit, push and drive ourselves as well as one another. The founders have a very simple yet affective structure: that being, to bring all you possibly can to the table. That allows us to explore places usually untouched by employees as well as employers who are bound by guidelines. No idea or question gets over seen, which is the key to future possibilities. Regarding Awards, we use only top quality NATURAL products, keen eyes on precision and harsh critics to design. The award at the end is the cherry on the cake for all of us and I believe it’s what keeps our amazing designers and architects hungry for more.


Can you explain how the open platform for designers works, where the most exciting ideas and collaborations are coming from at the moment and about why you are an in-action advocate for business transparency?

Regarding the open platform to design: anyone who thinks they’ve got what it takes to design a product the people want are able to give it ago through our production line. Too much talent is not taken seriously enough just because they weren’t born in the right part of the world, into the right family or because they don’t afford the most expensive design universities. So FEYDOM has opened up to the public and promises to give everyone a go! If they believe enough in their designs, who are we not to give it at least a look! Regarding transparency, we are open to any comments or suggestions to improve who we are and where we stand. We want to keep on growing and getting better and how can we do that with closed doors?

Currently there are 4 colour options in small/medium/large. Are more colours and designs available or on the way? What kind of fabrics do you use and what kind of care do they require?

FEYDOM has to-date nine collections in production, we had more in the past but have stopped some collections to focus production and improvement on the nine top selling collections, these being Gemini, Cuban, Matacao, BonBon 2, Vega, NaNa, Cloud, Q6 and our latest collection CHOICE. All these collections are multifunctional and extremely versatile, just type FEYDOM in YouTube to see them in action.

Like I said FEYDOM likes being easy and user friendly, in order to adapt this motto to our cleaning we use upholstery which is easy to clean and to remove dirt and stains using minimal effort, therefore making our sofas the ideal solution for all situations… whether hundreds of people are using the sofas, to children, to animal-loving house holds. We also just got out 2 new fabric lines, which have widened our color scheme to all the bright and fun colors imaginable.

Have you tested how many different combinations can actually be achieved in one set? How quickly can combinations be reassembled and how much does the heaviest piece weigh?

Yes of course, that varies with each collection, for example the Q6 armchair can be simply a super comfy one-person armchair, as well as a single bed but also a two-seater bench. That’s 3 combinations… Whereas, the BB2 can adapt into hundreds of combinations such as a small L-shaped 3-seater, to a large L-shaped seating 6 or 9 or 12… there is really no end to how big it can go. It can also be a single or double lounger or a single or double bed. It can also split to make 2 two-seaters and the list just goes on and on. And the same is to be said about the CHOICE collection, being modular, it’s pretty much like a lego for adults, where you pick the pieces you like and combine the sofa of your dreams. You really need to see it to understand it.

Of course these transitions happen in a matter of seconds/ minutes for larger changes where perhaps more pieces need to be added in. Our heaviest piece I believe is 59.5 kg. But none of the structuring pieces need to ever be picked up.

For people interested in having the extra bed option, please explain what kind of back and neck support do the combinations provide, for example for people with back problems?

To tell you the truth, all our sofas are more comfortable to sleep on than to sit on. Ask anyone who owns one; the therapeutic foam used to make the sofas give tremendous support, resulting in amazing nights sleeps and fantastic siestas!

Hannah it has been a pleasure, thank you for your time. BGlife sincerely wishes you continued success with your wonderful, creative business. Before we finish, please tell us where your showroom is located, when you are open and how to contact you for the fascinating and inspiring FEYDOM experience, plus all your expert advice and help.

Our Distribution center together with our outlet is located in the New Poligono, La Campana, Nave 15, Nueva Andalusia, Marbella. We are open Monday to Friday between 10am and 6pm, as well as by appointment. Call us on +34 951 518 787 or email to with any quires. Additionally you could visit our website at or follow us on Facebook – FEYDOM Marbella to keep up with the latest news and offers.



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