Do you want to be a cool pool player? Pool Aid could be your answer

Pool Live Aid – BG Life Magazine, Marbella, Costa del Sol

Pool Live Aid is an absolute dream come true for all those who struggle with the mathematics of pool or billiards. A suspended camera locates the table, ball and cue positions and projects the trajectory with light beams to achieve the perfect shot every time.

This technology (known as computer augmentation) is coming into all sorts of applications in different walks of life.  We’re happy to see it being used for the love of pub sports!

From their Facebook page: “PoolLiveAid is an augmented reality tool designed to assist unskilled or amateur pool (or snooker or billiards) players, predicting trajectories.

We have been told it will be available early 2016 so there’s not long for you dreamers to wait…



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