Cinema Billboard – July

Cinema Billboard  – July

Film reviews July USS-Indianapolis-

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage

Genre:  Action/Adventure/War

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Tom Sizemore, Thomas Jane, Cody Walker.

Sinopsys: The film is an emotional and intense re-telling of the true story of the last and fated mission of the USS Indianapolis in 1945. While on a highly secret mission concerning the critical delivery of an atomic bomb, a Japanese torpedo sunk the ship in the Philippine Sea, killing 300 crew and leaving the rest stranded and fighting for survival in shark infested waters. So classified, it wasn’t reported missing for 4 days, it

Release: May 30 (USA)


Ice Age:  Collision Course

Genre:  Animation/Adventure/Family/Comedy

Cast: Animation

Sinopsys: All our favourite characters are back for the latest acorn-chasing, earth-shaking chapter of prehistoric thrills and spills. Scat has really done it this time, setting off a terrifying cosmic snowball effect that endangers all life on earth as they know it, after he takes his insatiable acorn chasing capers to space. Manny, Sid, Diego and the herd must once again head out into unchartered lands to avoid the threat of end-of-existence calamity. Lots of new characters and a rather unexpected exotic setting gives their welcome return a whole new twist.

Release: July 17

Star Trek Beyond Star Trek:  Beyond

Genre:  Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi/Thriller

Cast: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana

Sinopsys: Marking the 50th anniversary of the original TV show’s debut in 1966 and featuring 50 new alien species, Beyond is described by plot writer and actor (Scotty) Simon Pegg as “sensibly corrected for a slighter more enlightened generation.” Set during year 3 of their 5 year mission, the crew must abandon ship after it is shredded by a swarm of hive-minded enemy craft.

Release: August 19



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