WHERE TO CELEBRATE NEW YEARS EVE? 6 cities to check out…

London – New Year’s Eve

Traditionally, Spain´s New Year´s Eve celebrations usually involve donning your smartest outfit, congregating on the nearest public square, eating 12 grapes against the clock at midnight and toasting everyone with champagne. Many cities around the world celebrate in their own unique and memorable style, so whether you are jetting off to celebrate your New Years on some distant exotic shore or staying home for a cozy family Christmas, you can tune into how the rest of the world will be celebrating the big global moment where we all welcome 2016.


Rio de Janeiro - New Years

Grab yourself a caipirinha and sink into the massive crowd of over 2 million in one of the world’s most stimulating cities. Set dramatically between jungle-covered mountains, white sand beaches and the stunning Guanabara Bay, Rio seemingly has it all: gorgeous views, beautiful people and to-die-for dining. New Year’s Eve is the biggest party in Rio not called Carnival, and packs it all into one wild night of revelry on Copacabana Beach.


Las Vegas - New Year

We can sum up New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas in one word: Crazy. And we mean crazy in a good way. The entire Strip is shut down to traffic and it becomes like one giant block party for you and 300,000 of your closest drinking buddies. At midnight, the casinos launch a choreographed fireworks display that makes the Times Square ball drop look like child’s play. Inside, the showrooms rock with the hottest entertainment and the nightclubs are packed with celebrities and partygoers who are dressed to impress. Book your room now and get the scoop on New Year’s Eve parties and events in Vegas below.

CHIANG MAI (Thailand):

Chiang Mai (Thailand)

A traditional celebration that awes locals and visitors alike every year, and will again on New Year in Chiang Mai, is the release of countless candle lit lanterns into the beautiful night’s sky. Everyone stops what they’re doing to watch them float up towards the heavens, hovering little incredible stars, seeming to carry New Years Eve hopes and dreams with them; it’s a truly incredible sight that comes close to out shining the fireworks that follow.

SYDNEY (Australia):

New Year's Eve - Sydney

You can expect to see original smoking ceremonies, mini-light shows, a really big and beautiful fireworks show and gorgeous boat parade. A final dance party is held at Bondi Beach and there are even unique events to support the Children celebrate at Taronga Zoo.


London - New Year's Eve

Over 250,000 tourists crowd onto the banks of the Thames River and start the countdown to Big Ben striking at the hour of midnight when an elaborate fireworks display and light show takes off. The party generally continues all night with activities planned for the next day including a 3 hour parade complete with colourful floats, marching bands, a procession of the Queens’s horses and costumed dancers.

BERLIN (Germany):Berlin (Germany) New Year

New Year’s Eve (“Silvester” to the Germans) is one huge party in Berlin. Brandenburg Gate attracts over a million party revellers. You’ll be wowed by impressive light and laser shows, a massive fireworks display and a decent line-up of bands and musicians.

You won’t be short of marathon all-nighter opportunities in Berlin. With nightclubs open well into the daylight hours, you’ll be able to experience the city’s underground scene of concrete, steel, hedonism and endless partying. Find the perfect dancefloor to let out your inner party animal!



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