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Beachgrooves Radio, undeniably the fastest growing radio station on the Med, is poised to celebrate its third year on the airwaves and its partner company, BGLife Magazine will also be celebrating one year of print production this momentous month of May; a double-whammy birthday worthy of a rather large pat on the back to the master mind behind the scenes – Marc van Meeuwen.

BGL: Marc, in a very short space of time, your radio station and magazine have become a well known and much loved part of life here and their growth and popularity seems to know no end. What is your secret to creating such a successful business formula?

MVM: Passion and determination are my biggest driving forces. I ran my very first pirate radio station from my bedroom when I was just 13 years old.  My mum wasn’t too happy when the police arrived at the door one day to confiscate all my gear…but I had caught the bug and had no plans on stopping…so two years later, I started to DJ for a local station and after playing there for one year, I bought their license, took over the proverbial reins and managed 25 DJs in my first commercial venture. I still have cassette tapes of the shows! They remind me how lucky I am to be doing what I love…that is often the secret to true personal success.

I also have an amazing team working behind the scenes. Their level of expertise, creativity and passion for what they do, gives Beachgrooves Radio and BGLife magazine the edge that I have always envisioned. You have to have the right people working on your project…and I have the best. The radio station offers the best DJs on the coast and internationally within our genre and the magazine is progressing in giant steps thanks to my skilled and dedicated team.

BGL: They say 3 is the magic number. This year is the 3rd birthday of Beachgrooves Radio. Tell us about the path the business has taken to reach this point and also about the magical journey Beachgrooves Radio will be taking later this month to mark the occasion.

M: It’s been full steam ahead since the get go. Beachgrooves Radio started broadcasting in Marbella during May of 2013. Seven months later we added a transmitter for San Pedro and just three months after that, we added another for Malaga. In August 2014 we began broadcasting from our brand new, state-of-the-art studio in San Pedro. The following month we launched our mobile app; making BeachGrooves even more easily accessible to our listeners. In November 2014, we added BGTV to our services and this quickly became the most popular choice for visitors staying in hotel accommodation. We did a huge prize giveaway during December 2014 worth €7,000, with a fantastic response from our listeners.

During April 2015 we added another frequency for the Sotogrande area and the same month, we launched our pre-edition of BGLife Magazine. May saw the launch of the BGLife Magazine website and the 1st official edition of the magazine, which was so well received, that by July, we had to double our distribution to satisfy demand. August 2015 was an exceptionally progressive month; the magazine had successfully reached another major achievement, with its distribution expanding to Ibiza and Formentera and we also added more frequencies to the radio station, to cover Granada and Sevilla.

We expanded coverage again last December to broadcast to Antequera and the icing on the cake came last month, when we began to broadcast live in Ibiza! We also reached 10k likes on our Facebook page last month. This month we are very excited to be travelling to Ibiza during the week of the much-anticipated opening parties, where we will be showcasing Beachgrooves Radio at the beautiful Hotel Santos at Playa D’en Bossa and soaking up all the goings on at the International Music Summit; the industry’s most important annual gathering.

BGL: You have an admirable penchant for progress. As a man who always seems to have endless surprises up his sleeve, what can people expect from the Beachgrooves brand over the coming months?

M: There is much, much more to come. We are just getting into our rhythm! We have plans to make the Beachgrooves name and services even more comprehensive, with the launch of a fully equipped, high-tech recording studio at BGHQ in San Pedro later this year and we will also be launching our very own record label shortly and collaborating with local and international producers and artists. We are very excited about this new avenue. Watch this space!

BG Life Magazine - Beachgrooves Radio

BGL: Tell us more about your plans for BGLife Magazine and why this publication has become so popular and sought after on the Costa after just 12 short months?

M: The BG brand is known for representing the highest quality…in everything we do. The magazine has a broad appeal, because it is a beautifully produced, elegant publication that covers all aspects of life and lifestyle for the 25-55 yr. age group, not just here on the Costa del Sol, but also globally. Many publications here just concentrate on the glitz and glamour that the area is famous for, which can become a bit over-kill and although we keep our finger on the pulse in that respect, we are very selective and much more comprehensive, because we believe that a more grounded, useful, meaningful and informative side to life is what the general population really wants. The magazine covers the local and global House music scene and all the Beachgrooves Radio news and activities, as well as top international fashion, gourmet gastronomy, cutting edge health and wellbeing articles and interviews, motor and sports highlights, a gardening section and of course we aim to keep our readers on top of all the hottest culture topics unfolding here and around the globe. We keep it real, fresh and progressive and the response to the magazine over the last 12 months proves our formula is working extremely effectively! The future and my imagination, hold endless possibilities…where the radio goes, the magazine will follow, so expect to see both Beachgrooves Radio and BGLife Magazine reaching great places and spaces in the future!



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