ANIMAL PICNIC. Interview by DJ Godoy

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When did you decide to join and begin producing the hits we´ve been listening for two years?

We decided to make an artistic duo when we realized we enjoyed making music together, we liked what we made, and people liked it too. But we were friends at the beginning and that started the project. Without the adventures and laughs that we had as mates in the beginning, the project would have never taken the shape that it has today.

How do you decide the tracklist when you are preparing your sessions?  Does it depend on the country you are visiting? Or do you create it around a genre?

We don’t decide the order of the songs. We just make a selection with our favorite music at the moment and old tracks that, in some way, we think these could fit the session, depending on the country we visit and the club where we play. Anyway, it is true that we generally play different musical genres in our sets, from Deep House to Techno, trying to transmit our musical tastes in our venues and we don’t always play the same style, we like to keep it varied ;)..

Who are your favorite artists on the dance floor?

We, generally, enjoy a lot with many artists. We are fanatic about electronic music and we will not have enough space in this interview to mention all our old and new influences that make us go crazy. But we can list  some of our favorite artists.

Currently we are playing music by the artists of our label as we think Steyoyoke has an innovative sound and it has reached to collect a very comprehensive roster in many musical styles without loosing it´s essence.

Aside from our Steyoyoke family, for some time we have been following and playing music from artists like Adriatique, Solomun, David August, Maceo Plex, Solee, …  and we could go on for hours… (Laughs)

How about your experience in your visit to Berlin Steyoyoke 3rd Anniversary Aaryon & Animal Picnic at Ritter Butzke?

It was a date to remember. We enjoyed the city so much, with the Steyoyoke family and the Berlin nightlife. It was our first time in Berlin and we felt at ease with the crowd that filled all the rooms in the club from the beginning. We could fell it’s breath in each mix as the
DJ booth was at same level as the dance floor and that produces an incredible sensation between the DJ and the clubber. In general, there was an atmosphere very underground and familiar. We enjoyed it like kids with our brother Aaryon and many spanish friends who came down specifically to see us. Definitively, a night to be remembered.

We know you have very characteristic and specific sounds.  Do you synthetize your own sounds?

Usually we don’t have a specific method to get the sounds and that makes us very versatile creating the sounds that we want in particular. We like working via MIDI because it offers us total control of the sound that we usually modulate to personalize the song. Even so, we don’t renounce to work with audio files, which it common when remixing an artist who sends us their work in audio.

How much time did you spend creating one of your master pieces (Gravity) included in the EP “Equilibrium” of the label Stoyoyoke?

We don’t consider it as a master-piece, but we spent over a week approximately. (Laughs). It was created during our visit to Asturias the last summer, in one of these warm summer nights with insomnia that we spent plugged to the laptop with the headphones. The main idea arose from creating a beat with the chord and the arpeggio, which incited us to add a pad to it which gave it personality. We chose a bass line with long notes, providing deepness and melancholy and we never thought of it working well  in the dancefloor but felt it was an emotional track able to
transmit immense sensations.

When we started to sequence it, the track came out easily. We didn’t spin around  the subject before showing it  to the label staff, and getting their ok to include it in the Various Artists release.

Could you give some tips for so many producers who love your music, about which are most appropriate plugins or hardware they can use to experiment with atmospheres like we can listen to in “Gravity”? 

In our works we usually use VST. Sometime, we’ve experimented with hardware, but we believe it is more comfortable doing it with software, Specially when we are travelling or away from our studio.. We don’t have installed several of these, because in our opinion the secret consists in use one and know it well, whether the synth, the drum kit, etc… All of them commonly sound good and let you to get good sounds. We adapt so well to any machine, whether hardware or software.

I would like to mention a remix for Jean Bacarreza, produced by you with the label Future Allianz.  The songs released by Animal Picnic are characterized usually to include percussive elements, very melodic lines and to be charged with feelings. What was the main inspiration to make a song like “Hustler”, which has clear Nu-Disco influences although without losing your essence?

Well, the original was very close to that style between Nu-Disco and House and we wanted separation it from that getting a sound a bit more Deep-Tech without losing its essence, with more melodic bass lines and a stronger percussion.  While it is true that it was a song with vocals and that marked the style, we tried to give our personality to it.
Now a compromising question. Which are the national labels and internationally renowned artists most  our readers should know?

Labels: Fayer, Sincopat, Eklektish, NoStyleStyle, Alma Soul Music, Fanzine, Natura Sonoris

Artists: Edu Imbernon, Uner, Simon García, AFFKT, Los Suruba, Aayron, Fer Br, Problem Makers, Warm Hall, David Granha…
Could you recommend a synth for the producers who follow us?

We have predilection for Moog. We like it’s aesthetic and its quality in bass sounds. Other good ones for us are Acces Virus, Nord Lead, Prophet, Juno. These are good weapons. (Laughs)



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