Adlib: A reflection of Ibiza’s purest spirit

Adlib Ibiza – Saturday

This unique fashion style, Adlib, was born in the very early years of the glorious seventies. The name is a contraction of the Latin expression “Ad libitum”, meaning ‘live in freedom’. Rooted in the traditional ‘Ibicenco’ way of dressing and inspired in the predominant sense of freedom that people from all over the world shared back in those days on this Island, it was just a matter of time that creators of all trades and in this particular case, fashion designers, made a proposal that matched and reflected that predominant wave. Smilja Mihailovitch, fell in love with Ibiza since the day of her arrival and was for many years and beyond discussion, the promoter and ambassador ‘número uno’ for this adventurous new way of dressing. Adlib, in its own right, has created its place under the sun for fashion – and everything related to it. Its ‘leit motiv’: “Dress as you please, but with style”.

This year’s Pasarela took place over Friday 17 and Saturday 18, June. All of Ibiza’s designing talent was represented, from those who are newly ‘entering’ the game to the ones with a solid and recognised reputation. Not only in fashion, but also in jewellery design.

More than a thousand people met for this unparalleled occasion. Authorities, personalities, entrepreneurs, all kind of artists, locals, all nationalities residents, visitors, proud mothers and fathers, entire families, young and not so young people… and friends. For the long list of promoters and sponsors it was rewarding moment- Adlib 2016 was the resulting reward for an incredibly well planned job.

Everything ran like clockwork. Even a courtesy bottle of water and a hand fan were waiting on the top of each chair for everyone to beat the heat.

Before the catwalk began, a shining Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, beautifully dressed by Charo Ruiz, gave us a delicious and straight to the heart presentation speech. She made a special mention to every single effort made for this unique occasion of Adlib fashion anniversary, its relevance, a precise definition of its meaning and even a reference to what Ibiza meant for herself and her beloved ones.

This year’s designers, in order of appearance, were…

Friday: Beatrice San Francisco, BSF Man Ibiza, Evita lo que puedas, Giampaolo Giardina, Ibiza Stones, Ivanna Mestres, Jannine Helbling, K de Kose Kose privée, Linnea Ibiza, Marisa Cela, Nanou Couture, Rebeca Ramis, Tanit Jeans and World Family Ibiza.

Adlib Ibiza - 2016 Friday

Saturday:  Tony Benet, Escola d’Art s’Eivissa (jewells by Enric Majoral), Dira Ibiza, Luisa Tur, Isabel Castelar, Elisa Pomar, Ibimoda (sisters Antònia and Eulària Riera), Eva Cardona, Piluca Bayarri, Vintage Ibiza, Virginia Vald and of course, Charo Ruiz.

Adlib Ibiza - 2016 Saturday

It was an event to remember and the ‘foto de familia’ is there for eternity as a colorful witness to prove it. If you could say it with a smile, there it was. This is the spirit of Ibiza!

Adlib: 2016 Prizewinners

Photography by Gregorie Avernel, Eva Genin and Sergio Cañizares, courtesy of Imamcomunicaciones.



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